Chateau Liblice

Wedding at Chateau Liblice

Chateau Liblice is one of the gorgeous architectural pieces of art of Czech Baroque. It was designed by a famous Italian architect Giovanni Battista Aliprandi. The Castle was finished in 1699 by the initiative of Mr. Arnost Josef Pachta. The final reconstruction was finished in 2007, and the Chateau became the perfect place for the performance of different kinds of events.

Meantime the Castle operates as the Hotel and may propose the luxury apartments for the Newlyweds. The Wedding at Chateau Liblice will make the Ceremony unforgettable and charming with its richness of romance and beauty. The marble hall, which is used as the preferred venue for wedding ceremonies, is luxurious and resplendent, which gives you a hint of its glorious former days. Throughout your wedding ceremony, you and your guests can enjoy the romantic, classical music that will be played live in the background. What can be better than that!

Ceremony type: Civil, Symbolic, The Catholic Ceremony (please refer to us for more information).
Ceremony day: Please refer to us for further consultancy.
Ceremony venue: Marble Hall In the Castle Garden (during the summer) – please refer to us for further information.

Romantic Package Chateau Liblice:

We will be glad to personalise your wedding ceremony and tailor it according to your wishes.

Pricing begins at €1690

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