1. Could you tell us more about Royal Wedding Prague’s pricing structure? 

Here you can see our wedding planning package that we recommend for the wedding all in one place.

Please let me know which package you would like to choose.

2. I would like to find out more about your elopement packages. We are two US citizens living in Prague until Dec and would like to get married while here. We are hoping to find a company who will help us complete the proper documents needed, secure the marriage certificate, and affiliate the wedding. Do you all provide these services? 

We would be delighted to arrange a wedding ceremony for you. 

My name is Kate and I am one of the wedding coordinators here at Royal Wedding. I will be happy to assist you in arranging every detail of your wedding!

Please find below our offer of Elopement packages with the venues according to your request:

For a sense of the weddings that we produce please have a look at the video from gardens wedding:

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