The best wedding dates for the year 2024

Are you planning a wedding in 2024 and looking for the perfect date to tie the knot? Look no further than our comprehensive guide to the best wedding dates for the year 2024.

17 New Wedding Ideas in 2022

Each year we thoroughly choose the newest ideas, which can make your celebration unforgettable. We are following the latest news in style and design through the hundreds of web sources – to make sure we can provide the best service for you in 2022! 1. Considering what’s happening in the world now, people are longing […]


Cottagecore is a mix of countryside aesthetic and romantism, country music and the boho style. The word cottagecore already sounds like a peaceful and impeccable countryside life with baskets of apples, satin ribbons, plain little things, and natural fabrics of pastel colours. If you want to be up to date with the newest trends on […]

wedding for two Wedding for two: the best ideas

A wedding celebration only for two… A few years ago, such an idea would have evoked nothing but surprise and some outrage. Due to new realities many things needed to be adjusted in our lives. So did the weddings. That is why nowadays weddings for two are steadily gaining in popularity. Perhaps some couples will […]

wedding trends after the pandemic Wedding trends 2021: what will the wedding be like after the pandemic?

The pandemic has, undoubtedly, brought significant changes into our daily life, work and leisure. Many of you will say that the world will never be the same again. Perhaps, it is true. It is still difficult to say whether our life will return completely to its usual state.

How to make a premium wedding for a reasonable price?

Undoubtedly, many have already faced the issue of price, even if you just started planning a wedding. Is a fabulous wedding can only be insanely expensive?
How to make a luxurious, high quality, stylish wedding, and do not pay the annual budget of a small European country?

Czech castles: the secret of a luxury wedding

Prague is a romantic city. That means your love story can be realised here. The celebration can be absolutely different. A luxury castle wedding, a church wedding in Prague, Castle Wedding or maybe a modest ceremony in the city hall.

Catch the moment. How to find an ideal photographer in Prague

If you have already planning to have a wedding or pre wedding photoshoot in Prague, then our article is for you. There are best tips for choosing a photographer for your wedding in Prague.

Wedding floristry: top 5 tips for the bride

In this article, we have collected popular tips for brides related to the date of the wedding, its design and other important points.


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