Religious Wedding Ceremony in the Czech Republic

As well as the Civil Wedding, we also provide the Religious Wedding Ceremony in Prague and the Czech Republic. Royal Wedding may offer you catholic, protestant wedding ceremonies or orthodox wedding ceremonies in the Czech Republic.

Royal Wedding can also organize the ceremony in Protestant or Orthodox churches, located in the Czech Republic. One of the famous Orthodox Churches, “The Cathedral of St. Cyril and Methodius,” is located in Prague, and the largest and most graceful is in Karlovy Vary.

The main religion in the Czech Republic is Roman Catholic, and the ceremonies can take place at the Catholic church or in the chapel of the castle or the chateau. Almost every castle has a small catholic chapel in its premises in the Czech Republic. Having a Catholic wedding in the Czech Republic is an easy process, with our assistance.


We will be glad to personalise your wedding ceremony and tailor it in accordance to your wishes.

The price depends on the selected location.

Pricing begins at €1290

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