St. Thomas Church

Wedding at St. Thomas Church

Originally Gothic Church of St. Thomas was built on the foundations of the old Romanesque church. The church was consecrated in 1379. Difficult fate during the Hussite church when they were expelled by the local monks and the church was burned down.

The restoration of the church contributed Augustinian hermits in the years 1584-1592, together with architect Bernard di Alberto. Another fire struck him in the sixteenth century and also fell the church choir. At the end of the seventeenth century, Renaissance reconstruction was completed. Augustinian order later to a whole new redevelopment summoned the architect Kilian Ignaz Dientzenhofer, thanks to the proposals was current Baroque appearance.

Ceremonies: Civil, Catholic, Blessing, Vow Renewals, Symbolic.
Ceremony dates: please contact us for further information.

Package St. Thomas Church

We will be glad to personalise your wedding ceremony and tailor it according to your wishes.

Pricing begins at €1490

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