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Wedding at Savoy Hotel

Since opening in 1911, Hotel Savoy became a favorite place for famous personalities of historical Prague. The original preserved and functional closet next to the contemporary lobby bar is a reminder of this golden era. The current resemblance of the hotel came with the reconstruction in 2015. The magic of Hotel Savoy encases you as soon as you step into the front door, where apart from our doorman, you will also be welcomed by sculptures of Czech-Canadian artist Ley Vivot. Over the years, the hotel became a favorite destination for some of the world´s greatest celebrities, including movie stars, bands, rockstars, but also members of royal families. We also often host major football clubs.

Its location near Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral, you don´t need to worry that the crowds of tourists will ruin your experience in Hotel Savoy. The Baroque Czernin Palace, with its extensive gardens, rises just behind the hotel. The Church of the Angelic Virgin Mary and Strahov Monastery is also located in the vicinity of Hotel Savoy as well as enchanting Loreta chimes. The sculpture of astronomers Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler reminds us of the history of this area. The latter also gave a name to the street of Hotel Savoy – Kepler street.

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We will be glad to personalise your wedding ceremony and tailor it according to your wishes.

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