Klementinum Hall

Klementinum Hall of Prague is located in the downtown, next to the Old Town square. It is the second big architectural complex after Prague Castle. It is currently in use as the National Library of the Czech Republic. In 2005 the Czech National Library received UNESCO (Memory of the World).

Its history dates from the existence of a chapel dedicated to Saint Clement in the 11th century. A Dominican monastery was founded in the medieval period, which was transformed in 1556 to a Jesuit college. In 1622 the Jesuits transferred the library of Charles University to the Klementinum, and the college was merged with the university in 1654. The Jesuits remained until 1773 when the Klementinum was established as an observatory, library, and university by the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria.

Ceremony type: Civil, Symbolic, Vow renewals, Religious.
Capacity: up to 200 people.
Days of the ceremony: it is opened all days, please refer to us regarding the date of the ceremony.

Package Klementinum Hall

We will be glad to personolize your wedding ceremony and tailor it according to your wishes.

Price: €1760

Prices are shown including VAT.
The prices in Eur, USD, GBP may vary and will be provided at the date of transaction, according to the daily exchange rate in National Bank of the Czech Republic.

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