Chateau Dobris

Wedding at Dobris Chateau

Castle Dobris fascinates with its sumptuous facade in Rococo style. Its charm and aristocratic elegance will provide the unique romantic atmosphere to your wedding ceremony.The castle has gorgeous Mirror Hall with 220 square meters as one of the options for the Civil Wedding Ceremony performance. There is beautifull Garden, made in a french style for outdoor ceremony .

Often called the second Versailles because of its layout and its rich magnificence, Dobris Castle is a beautiful choice for a wedding that has all the atmosphere of royalty and romance. Dobris Castle is the embodiment of beauty and sophistication, from its spectacular French park to the elaborately manicured hedges and colorful floral ornaments, all of which remind you of a bygone era. The old park is a highlight of this entire estate and is often referred to as the jewel of the Czech castle parks. When you see the park, it’s easy to see how it has earned the name.

Ceremony type: Civil, Religious, Symbolic, Vow Renewals, Blessing.
Ceremony days: please refer to us for further consultancy.
Ceremony venue: The Mirror Hall French Garden with seating capacity of 20 guests, standing room for up to 50 guests. (please refer to us for further consultancy)

Romantic Package Chateau Dobris:

We will be glad to personalize your wedding ceremony and tailor it according to your wishes.

Pricing begins at €1875

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