Chateau Bon Repos

Wedding at Bon Repos Chateau

Chateau Bon Repos is a magical place in the middle of nature. Not far from Prague, offering you complete privacy for your event. In early days, Count František Antonín Špork has chosen this place for relaxation and meditation, as the name “Bon Repos” suggests, and his choice was absolutely correct. Lately, after the Czechoslovak Army has left in 2003, the entire complex has undergone a major reconstruction, and will once again breathe in a unique calm atmosphere ideal for weddings.

You can arrange your wedding day exactly as you like and enjoy it together with your family and friends. You may admire a beautiful park full of grown old trees, with all the buildings that are a cultural and historical heritage. The Příchovský Hall, in Nový Zámek (New Chateau), is mostly used for wedding ceremonies or often searched by film producers. There is an eight-room accommodation in Starý Zámek (Old Chateau). Chinese pavilion is ideal for wedding feasts for up to 100 guests seated by round tables or for private concerts. The Chapel of the Holy Trinity is perfect for small wedding ceremonies.

Romantic Package Chateau Bon Repos

We will be glad to personalise your wedding ceremony and tailor it according to your wishes.

Prices on request

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