Wedding trends 2021: what will the wedding be like after the pandemic?

wedding trends after the pandemic

The pandemic has, undoubtedly, brought significant changes into our daily life, work and leisure. Many of you will say that the world will never be the same again. Perhaps, it is true. It is still difficult to say whether our life will return completely to its usual state. Nevertheless, considering new reality, fresh trends in the wedding industry are being formed. In 2021, it is more and more common to:

Wedding style

Classics are gaining in popularity again in the wedding world. Couples often decide not to choose a specific theme or strictly follow a certain style anymore. Instead, they rather include certain elements of a chosen style into a traditional celebration. Speaking of a traditional wedding, it is not necessarily limited to a boring official ceremony in a municipality hall. To add a hint of tradition to your celebration, you might go for the decor elements related to your parents’ wedding, add a family piece (a brooch, for instance) to the festive look, or come up with your own symbolic rituals and ceremonies. All this will turn your wedding into a truly heart-warming family celebration, rather than a noisy corporate party.

Among the popular styles, experts still highlight the boho style, which will give your celebration the spirit of light ethnicity or colourful Morocco. Bohemian style with a 70s aesthetic is increasingly joining the extravagant boho chic.

The trend of conscious consumption has not remained unnoticed in wedding celebrations either- eco-style and minimalism are competing to take their place on the Olympus of fashion. Couples who decide for a sustainable wedding avoid unnecessary use of plastic and disposable decor, they prefer to use seasonal flowers and locally sourced products. Outdoor areas are ideal for eco-friendly weddings, where the beauty of nature in itself is the best decor for your celebration.

The color scheme of 2021, in response to long-term isolation, tends to be bright and colourful. A wide palette of choices opens up to the couples- from bright juicy colours to soft pastels.


Isolation has shown the true value of personal human contact. When organising a wedding in 2021, it is therefore important to pay attention to each single invitee. The parents of the newlyweds deserve special attention in this regard. To make sure that the older generation participates actively in the celebration, you can include into the program some touching rituals. For example, the dance of the newlyweds with their parents, the ritual of creating a new family or a speech to express gratitude to your parents.

Priority number 1 – taking care of guests

The usual souvenirs are gradually being replaced by welcome boxes with sanitisers and wet wipes. In addition, you can also take care of your guests by preparing hats and sunglasses for them in summer or umbrellas and plaids in cool weather. A great addition to the celebration are baby-sitters or animators for children, so that their parents can fully enjoy the celebration.

Chamber and micro weddings

When it comes to the scale of a wedding, there are two main trends. The first one is followed by the couples who stood well over the crisis and eluded the financial problems. These are the couples who have postponed their wedding until 2021 and want to celebrate it with a bang – to make up for the lost fun by arranging a large-scale celebration. Other couples, in return, realised the intimacy of the wedding celebration, or, for some reason, would like to reduce the wedding budget. They prefer to share their big day with only the closest ones and invite 10-15 guests. The micro-wedding trend has been gaining popularity for several years already and, obviously, does not exclude bright concepts and extraordinary design.

Interactive entertainment program

During the lockdown, many have missed not only communicating in person, but also show-programs and outdoor activities. Hardly anyone nowadays will be fancy spending the entire celebration sitting at the table.

Relying on the wedding experts, the celebration program can be uplifted not only  by such interactive programs as acrobats, caricature magicians, but also by  something totally non-trivial. For instance, you can invite your guests to find out their fate from a fortune teller or astrologer. You can learn more about our entertainment program offers here.

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