Wedding floristry: top 5 tips for the bride

1. Seasonality or Do not try to argue with nature

The date of the wedding will also determine the floral design. Choose flowers by season – they will have better quality, and you will not spend so much money.

2. Trust the professionals

The best advice for a wedding organisation is to delegate as many things as possible. This will help to avoid unnecessary stress, and allow you to concentrate on more important things. The florist knows how to combine flowers with each other and create the luxury wedding, and how to properly care for flowers throughout the day to keep them fresh.

3. The bride’s bouquet

How the bouquet will look during the day mostly depends on you. You should not keep the bouquet on the sunlight for a long time, and when it is possible to hide the flowers in the shade. When you do not need the flowers, put them in the water to refresh. If you do not want to crush the buds, then do not lay the bouquet down.

4. Fragrant Truth

Do not forget that flowers smell. A Czech castle’s courtyard decorated with an arch of flowers is beautiful and romantic, but bouquets of lilies or lilacs at the guests tables at the castle marriage can provoke headache, fatigue and lack of appetite. Pay attention to the aroma of a wedding bouquet – it should be light and unobtrusive.

5. Miser pays twice

Use small florist tricks to save money. Take pictures with guests on the background of the wedding arch instead of arranging a separate photo zone. Transfer the flowers from the welcome zone to the banquet zone after all guests come. Decorate with flowers locally if your budget does not allow to decorate everything you wish, but do it tastefully.

Our wedding agency in Prague is always at your service when you want to organise a luxury European wedding.

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