Свадебное видео в Чехии

Wedding videography

Otabek Djuraev

Otabek Djuraev

My name is Otabek and I’m a wedding videographer in Prague. Everything started 10 years ago, when I shot my first wedding in Prague.

I loved that couple’s emotions. They were so real I just needed to catch all the moments.

Lubos Konecny

Lubos Konecny

Hi! My name is Lubos.

I specialize in filming weddings and elopements in Prague and Europe.

I started Forpix videography in 2010 and as time went by, we have gained many talented souls and now we form an experienced team, with each member excelling in a different area of expertise.

Your reactions fulfills us and motivates us to create something special, something meaningful.

Alexander and Kristina Znaharchuk

Alexander Znaharchuk

We are husband and wife creative wedding cinematography team. We based in France and available worldwide. For the last 9 years, we were filming wedding projects in more than 28 countries.

We have been together for 12 years with pleasure and mutual understanding. We create “Znaharchuk studio” – Destination Wedding Videographers team based in France and available worldwide.

• 28 countries visited for wedding projects
• We are an International Award winning videographers.
• We had intercultural communications with American, Asian and European couples and speak 4 languages: Russian, Czech, Polish, English.

Prices on request


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