Nick and Irena

It’s never easy to plan a wedding, especially one that will take place in a different country. It’s even harder to put your trust on someone with who you only talked on skype – Until the day of the ceremony we felt that we are leaping faith with no one to tell us whether we will land safely – so let me tell you: There are no safer hands then Royal Wedding!

I wasn’t the easiest bride (then again – who is?) But from day one, they made me feel like royalty, they took my every silly request like it was the most crucial part. Every person from their personal, from the main organizer to the last waiter, was the most professional men/woman I have ever had the privilege to meet. I apologize if I sound like a commercial, it’s just that I don’t know how to properly express my gratitude for the people that made my wedding day absolutely perfect. My family and I could never dream of such a magical experience! I want to say thanks to Andre – who was the first person from the agency that I spoke to. It was such a joy to witness a man who is so in love with his job.

Thank you, Fiona, who puts a fantastic amount of attention to details. Thank’s to Timur – who managed to please even my parents! Thanks to Ivan – who went with us to all the boring government places we had to visit, and made was there until the end of our wedding to make sure that everything went perfect. Thanks to all other members of Royal Wedding, from me and all of my family- you all made a fairy tale come true!

Nick and Irena

Wedding in Chateau Detenice / 02.04.2015 / Theamed wedding in Medieval style.

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