Legal Requirements for civil and religious registration of your wedding in the Czech Republic

Legal Requirements for a wedding in the Czech Republic

Civil and Religious Weddings on the territory of the Czech Republic are fully recognized for all nationalities from around the world.

We provide detailed information about all necessary documents for Civil and Religious Wedding Ceremony, according to your nationality and residency. Royal Wedding will provide all needed translations of the documents required for the registration of your wedding ceremony. We assist couples throughout the whole legal procedures and always present during the appointments at embassies and government offices.

Required documents for a civil wedding ceremony:

We have assisted couples from all over the world to obtain the proper documentation for a wedding in the Czech Republic. We have a long and extensive experience with many nationalities. You will receive from us full information about the preparation of the documents in your country.

Please note that all required documents must be forwarded to our office in advance, not later than 30 days before the wedding day.

Required documents for a religious wedding ceremony:

In case you are planning a Religious Wedding in the Czech Republic, our wedding planners will assist you in obtaining the right documents for your religious wedding too.

Please contact us to receive specific information on how to plan a Catholic, Protestant, or Orthodox wedding in the Czech Republic. The list of required documents may vary for each country, and we ask you to contact us for further consultation.

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