Cottagecore is a mix of countryside aesthetic and romantism, country music and the boho style. The word cottagecore already sounds like a peaceful and impeccable countryside life with baskets of apples, satin ribbons, plain little things, and natural fabrics of pastel colours.

If you want to be up to date with the newest trends on the 2021 wedding market, the cottagecore style is exactly what you need. The countryside aesthetic has been trending after the pandemic that has significantly changed our life-style. People locked down at home started to enjoy the simpler things and felt the value of human communication. 

Considering all this, cottagecore is the best option for the wedding if your priorities are simplicity, coziness and a unique atmosphere of countryside. A cottagecore wedding is a perfect wedding for those who want to celebrate this important festive day outdoors or at the country house, where natural materials – wood and stone – predominate. 

The Décor 

It’s better to choose light and pastel colors: gray, lavender, cream and brown, moss green, dusty rose, blush. Then, you should opt for natural fabrics to create the dream image; silk, lace, chiffon, linen, satin ribbons will add the wow factor to the venue’s look. 

Dried herbs and fresh wildflowers are the most suitable for the floral decoration of a cottagecore wedding. You may also use roses, tulips, and green potted plants. With that in mind, finish off the look with vintage furniture and accessories, candlesticks, books and trunks.

The Bride and Groom Outfits

When shopping for a cottagecore wedding dress, remember that it should be romantic and ethereal. Light makeup, loose hairstyle, a floating dress made of natural fabrics with a long train will complete the look. It is advisable to replace the veil with a headband, wreath, straw hat or ribbon. Brides should rather wear a dress of ivory, creamy, or caramel colour than a snow-white dress. Keep in mind that a bouquet should consist of dried herbs, fresh wild and garden flowers.

Grooms should avoid wearing black and white suits. A wide-sleeved white or creamy shirt and 1920s style trousers, beige or gray, are the best option. They can also wear a vest either with a pocket square or boutonniere.

The Menu and Wedding Cake

For cuisine, home-made food will be appropriate: vegetable salads, potatoes, fruits and berries, juices. Everything that is familiar to guests from their childhood. As for the cake, you can choose any you like; floral decorating of a wedding cake will be suitable or you may consider choosing even a naked wedding cake to indulge everyone’s sweet tooth.

Lighting and Gifts for Guests

The best way to create a warm and cozy atmosphere is through lighting. When planning the design, use hanging lanterns, tea lights and candles, they will create the atmosphere of a fairy tale.

As was mentioned above, the cottagecore style is all about simplicity and coziness. Hence, candles are a perfect gift for guests, as a reminder of a beautiful outdoor event. If you are not into this idea, either bouquets of dried wildflowers or bath salt are good gift options.

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