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17 New Wedding Ideas in 2022

Each year we thoroughly choose the newest ideas, which can make your celebration unforgettable. We are following the latest news in style and design through the hundreds of web sources – to make sure we can provide the best service for you in 2022!

1. Considering what’s happening in the world now, people are longing for magic, and what can be more magical than a wedding? No wonder the wedding designers presented the amazing dresses, inspired by the famous Disney princesses. By the way, many couples already decided in favour of the Disney style ceremonies.

2. It’s hard to impress anyone with a grand traditional wedding venue. But what if you organize one-of- a-kind ceremony in an unusual unique place, such as a boat or museum? More and more often the newly weds plan their special day as an intimate ceremony with a limited amount of guests which allows them to fulfill the most creative ideas.

3. Many people are sick and tired of problems and routine, so we expect the 2022 weddings to be bright and exciting.

Wedding Décor

4. How many ceremonies with mosaic decoration have you seen? Most probably, none. However, if you go for it, we bet it will look gorgeous in flowery decorations, given that it’s one of the newest trends of this year!

5. One of the interesting table decor ideas is tulips arranged on the table in a way as if they are growing from it.

6. Should you aspire for something epic, get inspied by Ana Maria Hernando – an artist who created a wonderful installation of the hundreds of metres of a light floating tulle.

Bridal Looks 2022

7. For a fairy-tale wedding you would definitely need a princesslike dress. Almost every designer has such a marvelous type of wedding gown in their collections, so you are sure to have a great choice.

8. If you are more likely to choose a non-traditional minimalistic look, opt for an unusual combination of a mini-dress and a long veil.

9. For those brides, who are hesitating whether a dress is an ideal option, we recommend to think of a crop-top with a long skirt.

10. Multi-functional accessories are trending too. For example, the separable sleeves.

11. The wedding day jewellery no longer have to be laconic, even those around your face. The bigger the earrings, the more trendy you would look.

12. Do you still think that pearls are for the ladies over 50? Not anymore! This year is leaving traditional choices behind. Pearls turn out to be one of the modern bridal fashion trends.

13. Bridal bouquet is another special piece of the ceremony. Make it stand out by combining different textures in it – for example, fresh cut and dried flowers, plants with small inflorescences and full blooms with smooth petals.

14. Another amazing alternative is to make your wedding bouquet monochrome. Opt for different plants of one particular hue that would complement your overall look in the most beautiful way.

Wedding Cake

15. Wedding cake is an important final touch of the ceremony and a wedding décor. Make a cake display special by choosing out-of-the-box options. For example, get inspired by overseas traditional desserts such as mille-feuille , croquembouche or the like!

16. The large sugar flowers will make a magnificent décor of a wedding cake. The laconic fondant would be the perfect match for this stunning flowery accent.

17. Fresh fruit topping is another great idea to add vibrant colours to your celebration and make a statement at your wedding table decoration with a hint of summer vibes.

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