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Wedding in the Chateaus of Czech Republic

You may also choose from our offer of outdoor wedding ceremonies. The outdoor wedding ceremony can be just the ceremony or the ceremony with the following wedding dinner or a banquet. It is very important for the outdoor wedding to have good weather condition at the day of the ceremony. The best time for the wedding ceremony in Czech republic is summer. You may enjoy with the beauty of nature of the landscaped park or garden of the Chateau or Castle.


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Wedding at Chateau Dobris


Castle Dobris fascinates with its sumptuous facade in Rococo style. Its charm and aristocratic elegance will provide the unique romantic atmosphere to your wedding ceremony.The castle has gorgeous Mirror Hall with 220 square meters as one of the options for the Civil Wedding Ceremony performance. There is beautifull Garden, made in a french style for outdoor ceremony .

Wedding at Chateau Liblice


Chateau Liblice is one of the gorgeous architectural piece of art of Czech Baroque. It was designed by famous italian architect Giovanni Battista Aliprandi. The Castle was finished in 1699 by initiative of Mr. Arnost Josef Pachta. The final reconstruction was finished in 2007 and the Chateau became the perfect place for performance of different kinds of events.

Wedding Ceremony at Chateau Mcely


Chateau Mcely is the perfect place for the wedding ceremony. It is located in the legendary forest named Svatojirsky, which is one hour drive from Czech capital. The Wedding Ceremony at Mcely will show you its magic in every season. You may enjoy your wedding during the summer or even in winter time, or you may get unforgettable experience at the charming English style Garden.

Wedding in Chateau Rubezahl-Marienbad

rubezahl hotel

RUBEZAHL–MARIENBAD SCHLOSS WELLNESS HOTEL, one of the most famous castle, dating back to 1900 in west Bohemia, located at Marianske Lazne or Ex Marienbad, well known from the beginning of the 20th century, as the first luxury wellness and recreation resort.

Wedding Ceremony at Chateau Jemniste


The Baroque Chateau Jemniste is the perfect place for the Wedding Ceremony performance. If ever an area captured the truly colourful Czech Aristocratic flavour it is surely the Chateau Jemniste. An inspiration to poets, writers and artists for hundred years, today it’s attraction is as powerful as always. Colourful and lively, Jemniste is unique and romantic venue for your wedding in Czech Republic.

Wedding in Chateau Stekl at the Hluboka Castle


Wedding in the Chateau Stekl next to the Castle Hluboka nad Vltavou is magnificent with its beautiful facade. The hotel is in the style of the castle and an integral part located right next to the castle. Its elegance and aristocratic beauty will provide your wedding ceremony with unique and romantic atmosphere.

Wedding Ceremony at Chateau Heralec

img 7013

Chateau Heralec is located just 100 km to the East away from Prague. The castle is surrounded by the village and elegant park. There is the English style garden is beside the castle. This romantic castle is the perfect place for the romantic wedding ceremony performance.